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Project Description

A C# library for creating applications that utilise a standard, common API to access your favourite cloud storage provider, from Azure to S3.

The project is the beginning of a common API to access all popular cloud storage providers, starting with Azure

What's it for?

Cloud storage platforms are still evolving and emerging and as developers, increasingly we are being asked to build applications that can utilise these services. Each service tends to have their own proprietary API, which means each time you create your application, you need to figure out how that API works and provide some implementation of it in your project. It also makes it quite difficult to swap from one cloud platform to another if ever you need or want to, or to use multiple providers within the same project.

The goal of this open source Cloud Storage Provider project is to abstract all that complexity away from you, the developer, so that you have access to many of the most popular storage services through a standard API. If you come across a provider that doesn't exist in this project yet, just check out the source code, and add your own!

What can I do with it right now?

Right now, the project is in it's infancy and contains a basic working implementation of a provider for Azure Blob storage. It also contains the interface definitions so that you can create your own providers.

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