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The purpose of this project is to provide developers with a common API through which they can access any of the popular cloud storage providers (Windows Azure Blobs, Amazon S3 - etc). As developers, we are expected to be able to create projects that can work "in the cloud" and utilise the various cloud storage services, but as each of these currently uses their own proprietary API, writing your own projects in such a way that you can easily swap between one provider and another makes it a rather costly task (in terms of time) to achieve.

I created this project in an effort to create some kind of "provider model" that will abstract all the uniqueness away from each of these proprietary storage API's into a common library that you can code against in your projects.

I've kicked the project off with a (basic) provider for Azure Blob Storage, but the goal is that people will create their own.

Sample Use (for Azure Blob Storage)

IStorageProvider p = StorageProviderFactory.GetProvider("AzureBlobStorageProvider");

That should get you started. :)

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